Ex-chairman Message

Shree Sharada Sahakari Bank Ltd., Pune    21-Sep-2015

Heartiest welcome to you at The Sharada Co-operative Bank.

It is our pleasure and also a matter of pride that The Sharada Co-operative Bank, which has been functioning successfully since the last 42 years in the renowned educational and industrial city of Pune. Our bank has won over the confidence of the members and established its reputation as one of the most efficient banks, which is committed to serve every section of our society. I am sure you will be able to experience this spirit through the launching of this website.

We are determined to provide all the modern facilities to our esteemed members with greater efficiency and a human touch and help them to prosper. While providing the much needed services such as, RTGS, NEFT, E-Payment. Rupay, Debit Card, CBS, we have always tried to connect with the people. Since the last 10 years, we have been successfully maintaining the NPA % to 0% . The fact that winning the ‘Best bank’s Award’ by our bank for the  consecutive 3 years, is a true reflection of our proficiency in managing the entire functioning of the bank.

The Sharada Co-operative Bank will achieve a milestone of 600 crores of the business spread in 8 branches across Pune city. Our plans to expand the business and also the branches is very much on the card.  It has been our consistent endeavours to provide the best possible services to our account holders as also  enhancing the ‘per employee business’ capacity of our staff members. It is certainly to the credit of our dedicated ‘Board of Directors’, which is able to foresee the changing economic scenario and take pro-people decisions from time to time. The mission and commitment of the Board of Directors has boosted not only the confidence of our members but also the economic development of our society.

We urge on you to kindly become a account holder of our bank and provide us an opportunity to offer our best services to you. We are confident that your decision to join us in this mission, will prove to be very wise and justified. We envision a greater goal and role for The Sharada Co-operative Bank in the economic prosperity of our country and your support and co-operation to us will go a long way in fulfilling our commitments and realising our dreams.